About The Photographer
 I first became interested in photography while in Libya and
Ethiopia with the U.S. Army, working for Army Map Service. I
started rodeo after discharge and rodeo photography just
naturally followed. After moving to Florida in 1969, I began
with the F.C.A. (Then the FHSRA in the late 70s). A short time
later, the FJRA was formed and I started with them. In 1986, I
got my PRCA photo card.   
 I will always be indebted to the membership of AFJRA and
FHSRA for bringing me into the world of digital photography.
Thank you kids and parents.
 My goal as a photographer is to produce the best possible
shots of each contestants regardless of conditions.
 I hope you all find this website helpful and informative.
Thank you to all in my rodeo family,

   Mike Rastelli